Osaka by Night

When the sun sets on Osaka, the giant fugu lights up, the popular pachinko parlors come alive, and the men in tailored suits bike their way home. Or they go out and get drunk.

Men and women dressed to the nines squeeze themselves into the many restaurants and bars. These establishments are tiny but very charming. There’s even a bar that could only accommodate two people–a man and his mistress. The wife had to wait outside.

Most of them are packed with customers and the sound of drunken chatter. No one seems to be worried about waking up for work the next day.

My first meal in Japan was at Kinryu (Golden Dragon). They only had two choices:  Ramen with Pork or Ramen with More Pork. Make your choice at the vendo machine, give the cook your ticket, and wait for ramen heaven.

Dessert consisted of Takoyaki balls and ice cream from a Japanese-speaking Turkish man. He will play tricks on you before giving you your ice cream. But don’t worry, it’s all for fun.


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