In search of milky ramen: Butao

Last year’s trip to Japan sparked an interest in ramen and I’ve been trying to find the same milky broth ever since. Having failed to find it in Manila, I tried Butao in Hong Kong. Butao limits their servings per day, prompting long queues by hungry Hong Kongers. On this particular day, the line was very short. Was it luck or is the Causeway Bay branch less popular?

I was confused by the name–is it Universal Noodle or is it Butao? The signage and the menu/checklist don’t seem to agree on this matter. This checklist allows you to configure your ramen:  variant, noodle thickness, sauce, toppings, etc. They had some interesting soup bases but I wanted mine simple so I got the regular Butao King.

I’m no food critic but I though the soup was full, creamy, and milky. The noodles were thin and firm. The pork was great. They just didn’t serve it hot enough. In Japan, the bowl stays hot for a long time. Steam is still rising as you finish the last strands of noodles.

Butao serves creative ramen, but I prefer the simpler stuff. The kind that salarymen eat after a long day’s work. Luckily, I got to try some of that again.

Tokyo coming up!


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