Where have all the Harajuku Girls gone?

Harajuku is just a short walk from the Meiji Shrine exit. First time visitors expect to see Japanese teen culture in its most extreme form:  cosplayers, gothic lolitas, and anything out of the ordinary.

It doesn’t seem to be the case anymore–at least from my experience and what I’ve read. Sightings are few and far between. Perhaps dressing up in Harajuku has become too mainstream. It was disappointing so we came back the following Sunday with slightly more success.

But Harajuku is still the Japanese teenage culture mecca that it promises to be. Takeshita-dori has enough stores and merchandise to transform any creative Japanese teenager.

From a distance, rock music was playing. Ah, the rockabilly gangs in Yoyogi Park were calling…


2 thoughts on “Where have all the Harajuku Girls gone?

  1. I know I avoid that bridge like the plague. It’s no longer a place where one can relax or hang out. You get mobbed by tourists within seconds and it’s a little frightening. It wasn’t like that three or four years ago.

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