Yabusame 流鏑馬: Archers on Horseback

An excited crowd is eagerly waiting when we get to the site. We are just in time to get a good spot with a clear view of the archery demonstration. There are three targets along the path that the archer must hit while his horse charges at full speed. It is not easy. Some archers missed some targets, and one archer even missed all three. Someone even fell off his horse. When a target is hit, the pieces of wood are collected and sold right there.

Archer1Archer18Archer15Archer2Archer16Archer3 Archer17Archer7 Archer9Archer6Archer8Archer10Archer-GIF1Archer19Archer11Archer14Archer20 Archer21Archer-GIF3Archer-GIF2 Archer5Archer13 Archer12 Archer22


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