The Day I Woke Up in the Wrong Hotel

The morning light shining through the sliding doors wakes me up. I am lying on a tatami mat in the largest room I’ve ever booked in Japan. My body is still sore from the night before.  We checked into the hotel at around midnight after a two-hour bus ride and another hour of walking in the rain. I look around the room and realize that it’s bigger than it should be. We are at the wrong hotel.

I check with the guy at reception and he confirms our mistake. Luckily, the same company runs the hotel we booked and the one we actually slept in. They are kind enough to charge us the rate of the cheaper hotel while we enjoy the amenities of the more expensive one. And that inlcudes a hot bath at their onsen.

You see, we had spent an hour trying to find our hotel in the rain the night before. Then when we thought we did, the lights at the lobby were already closed. A security guard checked us in. He probably took pity on us and allowed us in anyway.

We came here to Kawaguchiko to see Mount Fuji, but only saw its base for a few moments before it disappeared in the clouds.

Kawaguchiko1Kawaguchiko16 Kawaguchiko17Kawaguchiko2Kawaguchiko3Kawaguchiko4Kawaguchiko5Kawaguchiko6Kawaguchiko7Kawaguchiko8Kawaguchiko9Kawaguchiko10Kawaguchiko11Kawaguchiko12 Kawaguchiko14 Kawaguchiko13 Kawaguchiko15


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