Surviving Caramoan

The trip was still months away and the weather forecast websites were already warning of rain in Caramoan. How could they possibly predict weather so far into the future, right? Funny thing about forecasts–they tend to be right when you want them to be wrong.

Caramoan is known for clear waters, pristine beaches, and limestone formations. There are many islands to visit and none of them have people selling you trinkets, massages, or t-shirts. Perhaps it’s the combination of beauty and seclusion that attracted the producers of the Survivor TV series. They like it so much, they leased Caramoan for 25 years.

Rain was already falling by the time we arrived at Gota Village so we took refuge in our wooden cabins. The next day, in spite of the weather, we took a kayak ride through a mangrove forest and visited a few islands. But we could not stay because the rain would not let up. Again, we were stuck indoors. It was starting to feel like a prison.

The following day, we left for Naga. On our way to the port, the river had already overflowed and rendered the bridge impassable. Another vehicle waited for us on the other side as we crossed knee-deep waters and a makeshift bamboo bridge. It seemed like they wanted us to experience one last survivor adventure before we left Caramoan.

In Naga, the sun showed itself and mocked the foolish travelers.

Caramoan2 Caramoan1Caramoan3 Caramoan11Caramoan4Caramoan5 Caramoan7 Caramoan6Caramoan8 Caramoan9 Caramoan10Caramoan12Caramoan13Caramoan15Caramoan14


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